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Your "Snore Score"

Snoring can sometimes indicate a serious sleep health concern. To find out your Snore Score, answer the following five questions. (For additional information about a specific question, click on the MORE INFO link at right.)



Loud, habitual snoring
can cause problems --
not only for you, but
for your sleep partner
as well.


If the Compute Score
button does not work:

Each "No" answer is worth
0 points; "Yes" is 1 point.
Simply add up your total
points to find your score.




Click on NO or YES for each question. Then press the Compute Score button.

Snore Score questions NO
0 pts
1 pt
Are you a loud, habitual snorer? MORE INFO
Do you feel tired and groggy on awakening? MORE INFO
Are you often sleepy during waking hours
and/or can you fall asleep quickly?
Are you overweight and/or do you have a large neck? (17" or larger for men, 16" or larger for women) MORE INFO
Have you been observed to choke, gasp or
hold your breath during sleep?


  How to interpret your score      
0 points:   You seem to have healthy sleep.
1-2 points:   You may have a sleep problem.
3-4 points:   It is likely that you have a sleep problem.
5 points:   You definitely have a sleep problem.

Each Snore Score question is an indicator of a problem. If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, discuss your symptoms with your physician or a sleep specialist such as Dr. Baker. The more "yes" answers, the more important it is that you get help.

Different treatment options exist; which one is right for you depends upon the severity of your apnea and other aspects of the sleep disorder. Untreated sleep apnea can be extremely serious and cannot be ignored.



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