NOTE: As of May 23, 2023, Dr. Baker's clinic is no longer working from our old offices at 501 E. King Street in Orlando. We are now at 557 North Wymore Road, Suite 202, Maitland FL 32751. Click here for a map.

If you need to call for directions or other office visit-related matters, call 407-794-8000.

Appointments: Call 407-794-8000, fax 877-409-1295 or use our Appointment Form

Call 407-794-8000,
fax 877-409-1295, or
use our Appointment Form

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How to make an appointment

Obtaining a referral, or self-referring

Appointments for evaluation can be made in one of three ways:

  • Physician referral for a sleep study. The majority of our patients first consult with their doctor. If the physician feels it is necessary, the patient will be referred to us for an overnight sleep study.

  • Physician referral for a consultation. Some physicians ask that their patients have a consultation with us, prior to any sleep study. Consultation is then scheduled with Dr. Baker's sleep clinician team as part of the requested physician's referral.

  • Self-referral for a consultation. We prefer that you first consult with your physician about your sleep problem. If your physician feels it is necessary, you can then be referred to us for a consultation. However, if no physician referral is available, you can make an appointment directly for a consultation. This is a "self-referral."

Note that you must have a consultation -- either with your doctor, or with Dr. Baker's sleep clinician team -- before a sleep study can be scheduled.

To make an appointment

Once you have a physician's referral, or have decided to self-refer for a consultation, you're ready to make an appointment. Call 407-794-8000, fax to 877-409-1295, or use our online Appointment Form to schedule any type of appointment: a consultation, sleep study, or follow-up visit.

The role of insurance

Most of our patients pay by insurance. Some insurance plans require that you have a physician's referral before seeing us for a consultation or sleep study. Other plans allow self-referrals, where the initial consultation is done by Dr. Baker or her sleep clinician team.

To find out about your insurance coverage, check our Insurance page. Or, since plans can change, simply contact our business & financial office, Associated Billing Services. They’ll know if you can come right in, or if you need a physician referral first.
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