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CPAP follow-up
    If Dr. Baker prescribed a CPAP machine for you, we highly recommend regular follow-up visits to our sleep center. These visits ensure that the treatment plan and the CPAP machine are working properly.

What are the benefits of regular follow-up visits after starting to use CPAP?

To help you to achieve optimal treatment for your sleep apnea, an appointment with a doctor will be scheduled 4-5 weeks after you start using your CPAP. At this visit, the doctor will review the sleep study results and will make sure that the treatment plan, including your CPAP use, is working for you.

You will be asked to bring your CPAP machine and/or the smart card to download your usage data at each visit so we can check such data as your CPAP pressure, frequency of airway obstructions, mask leakage, hours and frequency of use. This helps us identify any problems and coordinate with the CPAP supplier.

The first follow-up visit is mandatory for patients on Medicare/Medicaid and some private insurance to document compliance before they actually pay for your CPAP.

If everything is well, another follow-up visit will be scheduled for six months later to monitor your progress. After that, we will schedule a yearly consultation to continue to monitor your response to treatment.

Of course, if you have any problem at any time you can always call the sleep center and schedule an appointment.


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A CPAP helps you get a good night's sleep, by ensuring your throat remains open and your breathing is not interrupted.


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