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Sleep disorder consultations

Sometimes, a physician will refer you directly to Dr. Baker for a sleep study. Other times, you will have a consultation first, to see if a sleep study is needed.
What to expect during the consultation
Prior to the consultation, you'll be sent information which includes a questionnaire. It asks about your sleep history and general health history.

Often, there will be questions to be answered by your sleep partner about your sleep patterns as well. This is because patients often don't realize some of their sleep habits -- like how loud their snoring is. Bring the completed questionnaire with you to the consultation appointment.

At the consultation, a brief physical will be done. The sleep clinician will discuss your sleep health and treatment options. If necessary, a sleep study may be recommended, so Dr. Baker can obtain more information about your particular sleep condition.
What to bring
If you have a consultation scheduled, see our web page "What to bring to your consultation" for more details.
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