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How we can help you

If you have symptoms of a sleep disorder or insomnia, the Center for Sleep Disorders can improve your life. You can make an appointment on your own (a self-referral) or because another doctor recommended you to us (a physician referral).

We prefer that you discuss your problem with your physician prior to a sleep medicine assessment. If you do not have a physician, or are unable to consult with your physician, a sleep medicine consultation is needed.

Sleep disorder consultations, sleep studies and treatments

If you have a serious sleep disorder such as sleep apnea, narcolepsy, restless legs syndrome, or parasomnia, Dr. Baker performs three major services:

  • The doctor performs consultations. These can be at the request of a physician (physician referral) or a patient if he or she has no physician (self-referral).
  • The doctor supervises and analyzes sleep studies performed at the Center for Sleep Disorders. The sleep studies can be directly requested by a physician, or may be recommended as a result of Dr. Baker's consultation.
  • The doctor reviews patient data and make recommendations for treatments.

Sleep help in Orlando and Central Florida

Dr. Baker serves you at four AdventHealth locations in Central Florida, including Orlando Main Campus, East Orlando, Altamonte Springs, and Apopka.


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Solving sleep problems, snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia and other sleeping issues in Central Florida. With four sleep centers at AdventHealth locations: Orlando Main Campus, East Orlando, Altamonte Springs, and Apopka

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NOTE: Sleep health information discussed at this website is for educational purposes. Each individual is different and may have varying symptoms, diagnosis and treatments. If you are having sleep health problems, obtain professional medical advice.