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What to bring to your sleep study

You'll find the sleep study is really very simple: you come to one of our four Orlando-area centers to sleep, while we monitor the quality of your sleep. (Click here to find out more about what it's like having a sleep study.)

If you will be having a sleep study, here's what you need to get ready before your study, and on the day of your study.



    Before your study      


On the business day before your sleep study appointment, AdventHealth's scheduling department will call you to confirm. (For example, if your sleep study is on a Monday, you'll get a confirmation call the prior Friday.)
  2    If you have any questions about the sleep study, feel free to call us directly. To find the right telephone number, go to the locations web page, find your scheduled sleep center location, and look for the sleep center's administration number (not the appointments number).


On the night before the sleep study, get a normal night's sleep (unless instructed otherwise by the doctor).


    The day of your sleep study      
  1    On the day of your sleep study, follow these instructions:
Wash and dry your hair. Try not to use any hair products, such as gels, hairsprays or heavy conditioners, because it may prevent the electrodes from sticking to your scalp.
Remove nail polish and/or artificial nails from at least two fingers. An oximeter is placed on your finger to read blood oxygen levels through your nails. Any polish or acrylic will not provide an accurate reading.
Do not wear make-up. The face must be clean so our monitor electrodes have a good connection.
Continue to take your regular medications.
Limit caffeine intake during the morning (e.g., don't have too much morning coffee or soda).
No caffeine after 12 noon.
Do not take any naps during the day.
Eat a regular dinner before you come to the sleep center.

Be sure to bring the following items with you to the sleep center:

Nightgown, pajamas or any comfortable sleepwear, preferably with a button-down front.
Your favorite pillow or blanket, or anything that will make you feel more comfortable. We provide bedding including sheets, blankets and pillows, but yours may help you sleep better.
Toiletries such as toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush and comb. Showers are available in the morning.
Clothes for the following day.
Any needed medications.
A book or other reading material.
Map and directions to the sleep center.

  3    Come directly to the sleep center. You do not have to check in or pre-register anywhere else.
  4    If you have any questions or concerns, let us know. Otherwise, we'll get you set and you'll soon be fast asleep in our comfortable bed!

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