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Accredited by the AASM

Dr. Baker is extremely proud to manage a sleep center in Orlando that is accredited by the prestigious American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM). And, the sleep center has  been accredited since 1988 -- ten years longer than any other Orlando sleep disorders center.

In addition, Dr. Baker is herself certified by the AASM.

Here is information from the AASM about sleep center accreditation. More details are available through their accreditation webpage.

Accreditation -- Program Overview

The American Academy of Sleep Medicine offers accreditation as a demonstration that a sleep center or sleep-related breathing laboratory has met all standards set by the AASM such as:

  • employing skilled and qualified staff
  • creating a clean and comfortable environment
  • developing a quality assurance plan, and
  • adhering to evidence-based practice parameters.

These standards for accreditation and the guidelines incorporated in them are developed by sleep specialists whose knowledge and expertise enable them to tailor the requirements for the unique evaluation of sleep disorders patients.

An accredited sleep disorders program is a significant resource to the medical community and to the public. Accreditation by the AASM assures quality patient care through comprehensive clinical evaluation and treatment, which is the primary concern of your patients and the public. Additionally, AASM accreditation is the gold standard by which other organizations and companies evaluate sleep programs. This is reflected in the fact that in many states third party payers require, for reimbursement, that sleep studies be conducted at an AASM-accredited facility.

The accreditation process is comprehensive yet simple. Facilities seeking accreditation must purchase an application package, fully complete it, and return it to the national office. The application is then reviewed by the Accreditation Committee for complete compliance with the accreditation standards. Compliant facilities are scheduled for a site visit by a trained site visitor who observes the evening operation of the facility and, on the subsequent morning, conducts interviews and reviews daytime operations.




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